Bark & Compost

Organic mulches, such as compost or bark can be healthy for your plants while also decreasing yard work. Mulch holds moisture for your plants, helps prevent weeds from germinating and gives your flower beds, trees and other landscape features a uniform, finished look.

Bark comes in a variety of textures and shades. Choose the mulch that you think will look best where you are going to use it.

How much mulch do you need? A 2-3 inch layer of bark mulch is a good rule of thumb for your landscaping needs. One yard of bark will cover approximately 100 square feet at 3 inches thick.  Remember to take into account the types of plants in your landscape estimating your bark needs.  Areas with low growing bushes, shrubs and groundcover will use less volume.

Bark Installation - Our blower trucks and crew will carefully and efficiently install compost, bark and wood chips at a consistent depth, reducing waste and providing complete coverage for your project. 

Calculate how much bark you need HERE